May 16, 2017

How to stay fresh: Coffee Freshness Tips

Ever wonder why your coffee tasted a little off? It may be how you’re storing it at home that could be keeping it from reaching its full potential, and yours.

We want you to keep your coffee and your life fresh and amazing.

  • Packaging is everything. What is your coffee in? A tin? A mason jar? A plastic bag? A bag with a hole in the front? The best container is a bag that is made of PBi foil gusseted bags and has a valve (the hole in the front is not actually for you to smell how awesome it is, though it’s cool for that too). The valve serves to oxidize the coffee upon packaging and for you to push out remaining air while re-sealing.


  • Keep it classic. Do not change the packaging. Some like to get crafty and put their beans in mason jars, ceramic jars in the shape of fruit. That probably looks great with your other kitchen decor, but your coffee will show the effects in its flavor. Coffee is easily adaptable, meaning that when its placed in a mason jar it will absorb the sand-like qualities, as glass is made of sand. Same with plastic bags, absorbing that plastic taste, or any really any other container other than the designed bag to best preserve the coffee. Leave it to the coffee roasters, they got you covered. Plus, when you buy coffee from a roaster that also has an amazing design (we know one you might like), you’ll want to show it off.


  • Time is of the essence. Already opened up your new bag of coffee beans and wondering how long you can savor it? Don’t wait too long as a bag is good within 7 days after opening. The longer it sits, the more it’s exposed to oxygen, making it take on a more stale flavor.


  • Coffee doesn’t like the cold. No need to refrigerate. Coffee is only grown in the warmest parts of the Earth, so it’s not a fan of your freezer. Let it do it’s thing on your pantry instead. Room temperature, or a cool, dry is great, but refrigerating or freezing it will make it taste spoiled.


  • You can stay on your grind, but keep your beans whole. If you want to stay your freshest, keep your beans all natural until you’re ready for that cup. Pre-grinding makes your coffee stale. In fact, if ground coffee is not brewed and consumed within 15 minutes, it will already begin to stale.


  • Get it while it’s hot. After brewing those freshly ground beans, you’ll want to drink it within 30 minutes. You know your coffee is done when it gets cold. That goes for that cup you forgot about or even that whole pot you brewed an honor ago. Remember: coffee doesn’t like the cold.

We want you to enjoy the best tasting cup, so this is why we share our best practices with you. Apply them to your at-home brewing tricks as needed. Remember, we want your coffee to stay amazing, just like you.