June 6, 2017

The Art in Latte Art

Let’s be honest, one of the first images that pop up when you type in “coffee” on any search engine on any social media platform is of a beautifully designed foam art strategically orchestrated in a cup. Whether you’re a purely black coffee drinker, cream and sugar, or latte art connoisseur, you know there’s a raise in demand for latte art. But why spend so much time designing something that’s just going to be consumed in a matter of minutes (depending on how long it takes you to get that photo just right)? 

It’s simple, people love beautiful things and art, whether painted and hung above your fireplace or floating perfectly above your espresso shot, is a commodity that many are willing to invest in to enjoy. A Forbes study showed that consumers are paying 11 to 13% more for fancy designs carefully crafted in their morning cup for the higher value.

Lucky for you, we highly value latte art and make it a priority to train our baristas in the skill. Most of them already have a love for the craft and practice as often as possible! Our founder, Dee Traylor is passionate about improving his latte designs and even competes in Latte Art Throwdowns all over the nation. He’s won New York Coffee Festival Champion 2016, Barista Guild of North Texas Latte Art Champion March 2017, Victrola Latte Art Champion April 2017, just to name a few.

Every throwdown is judged according to rules based on those from Coffee Fest, judges measure the aesthetic beauty, definition, color infusion, degree of difficulty & creativity, and speed in each pour to determine the best.

Just like any painter, sculptor, or composer, baristas are empowered with the ability to craft a work of art to be shared every single day. Though edible and short-lived, these lattes are still savored for their skill and flavor quality through every sip.

So whether you’re already snapping up a few latte photos for the ‘gram or simply waiting in line wondering if you should order a latte today instead of your usual black coffee, take the time to appreciate the artists behind the counter. 

And remember, #stayamazing. 
Rosalind Coffee Team