June 20, 2017

There’s More to Iced Coffee Than You Think

(Image by: @drkylescoffee on ig)

To have your coffee or to cool off from the summer’s heat?  That is the question. Our answer is both. But how can coffee stay in it’s pure form when chilled? Whether you’re an iced coffee connoisseur or exclusively refer to coffee as “hot”, there’s more to the cold variety than you may know.

Iced coffee isn’t foreign to the well-traveled, as the specialty has been enjoyed around the world long before it made it’s debut in the states. One of the best things about iced coffee is the many ways of making it. In Europe, and some places in the Middle East, an iced coffee is more like a classic Starbucks’ Frappuccino, more dessert-like than coffee.

(Here’s our shaken espresso for a version more similar to the European/Middle Eastern dessert flavor.  Image by @staycutee__ on ig)

In Japan, coffee is brewed hot as usual, but then immediately poured over ice. This simply cools the coffee, preserving the brew’s acidity, and accentuates the coffee’s fruity, floral tastes, according to an article on Bustle. This is one of the easier methods, and produces a lighter, sweeter flavor to your cup.  

(Here’s @drkylescoffee again using the Japanese method to cool his brew down!)

Then there’s our personal favorite, the cold brew method (and lucky for you we’ve got the Sweet Caroline that makes for the best cold brew blend). This method originated from the French, who provided the earliest example of a coffee concentrate served cold that is closest to the iced coffee we know today. One of the top reasons cold brew is one of our favorites is the fact that it’s way more caffeinated due to the grounds absorbing caffeine for many hours before being filtered out. This gives our Sweet Caroline an extra kick with the rich flavors in every sip.

So there’s no need to sweat for your next coffee through the warmer weather as there are plenty of ways to get your fix. Whether you’re supporting your local coffee shop or making your own home brew, just remember, you can have your coffee and beat the heat.

One more thing… #stayamazing. 😉

-The Rosalind Coffee Company Team

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