June 28, 2017

The “Whole” Story

We’re all on the grind, one way or another. That’s why we love coffee, right? But when is the best time to grind those magical beans? Four words for you: the fresher, the better.

The value of coffee is based on many factors, freshness of the beans being in the top. Like a batch of freshly baked cookies best enjoyed “fresh outta the oven”; in coffee’s case, fresh from the bean. Since the process of grinding coffee releases the beans’ natural oils, as oils begin to dry, the coffee begins to lose it’s pure flavor and richness as it speeds up the aging process of the beans.

By keeping the beans intact in the bag it came in (read up on our previous blog about proper coffee home storage), you’re able to preserve the best qualities better and longer than you would with pre-ground beans.

Though the pre-ground option does provide for a more convenient grab and brew method, grinding your beans right before you brew only adds a 1-2 minutes to your morning routine (it’s worth it, trust us). We’ve got a few favorite home grinders that will do the trick for your fast and efficiently, while not taking up too much of your counter space too. Check out the Burr Grinders to see which one fits your needs and preferred method of brewing. Our favorite way is the drip, or pour-over method, so we use the Baratza Encore to grind our beans to a medium-fine texture with 25 grams of coffee (about 3 heaping tbsp if you don’t have a scale yet).

We encourage you to try both methods of pre-ground vs. ground beans side-by-side to feel, smell, and taste the difference. You’ll be surprised how it truly makes a world of difference for the whole sensory experience. If this is a new process for you, let us know what you think of your first at-home fresh brew experience! We’d love to hear your thoughts and my questions to making your cup at home the best one. Snap a pic and tag @roslalind_coffee on ig or mention us on fb!

We only sell our beans in their whole form, for you to have the best tasting (and smelling) cup of coffee no matter where you are.

Also, check out our free e-book on how to brew the best coffee at home!

We just want you to stay powered up for your daily grind with beans that are freshest and most amazing, like you.

Thank you for being you,

-The Rosalind Coffee Company Team