May 23, 2017

The Little Hood: History of the Cappuccino

Taking the first sip of a perfectly poured cappuccino is like diving into a fluffy cloud. If you haven’t experienced this, you clearly need to come see us and start living your life right.

It’s been said throughout the coffee community that the cappuccino is the non-coffee drinker’s introduction to the dark side, or the dark shot and light foamy milk side that is. It is this powerful little 6 ounce drink that takes most to the “I only drink coffee every once in awhile” drinkers to the coffee aficionados as their “gateway drug”, if you will.

But why is this drink so valuable and how did it come to be? The cappuccino began its reign in Italy where the drink was highly regarded as the perfect breakfast, whereas the milk serves as the protein for the body as the lactose and the milk fat is quickly absorbed, so the carbohydrate energy is available immediately before the caffeine stimulant kicks in.

The word originates from the word “cappuccio”, which means “hood” in Italian, and the “-ino” ending makes it what’s called the “diminutive.” Instead of just meaning “hood,” “cappuccino” means “little hood.” No wonder it’s so little and cute. Yet, despite it’s size, when done right, the cappuccino packs a punch into your morning wakeup call. We pride ourselves on knowing how to pour the right espresso shot with a good milk foam to shot ratio for that bitter-sweet combo.

So, whether your cappuccino is used for a complete breakfast or simply a compliment beverage, we love pouring our guests some of our Jade Espresso Blend into the perfect foamy cup to get the day going.

The Perfect At-Home Cappuccino:

If you simply can’t make it out to one of our shops, we recommend the Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe milk frother (you can also use a whisk or french press to froth steamed milk), 4 oz milk of your choice, and 1 shot (2 oz) or two tablespoons of our Jade Espresso brewed in your method of choice.

Pour your shot, or brew your coffee while your heat the milk over a low flame to about 160 degrees. If you don’t want to use a thermometer, simply remove the milk from heat before it boils. Once the coffee is done, pour into your favorite cup. Once the milk is finished warming, pour into pitcher or bowl and use frother as instructed and pour in your cup on top of the freshly brewed coffee.

**If you’re looking for another great way to froth the milk without a milk frother is by placing the warmed milk in a french press and suspending the plunger up and down for about 30 seconds. Then remove the lid and pour about 2 ounces into a small pitcher, tap the bottom of the pitcher against your counter, then slowly pour the warmed and frothed milk over your shot/brewed coffee.

And that’s it! We’d love to see your at-home creations. Tag us in your posts on Facebook and instagram by tagging @rosalindcoffee or using the hashtag #rosalindcoffee.

Practice makes perfect, we’re here for you. Just remember to #stayamazing.

Thank you for being you.

-The Rosalind Coffee Team