May 30, 2017

The Power of a Good Coffee Shop

There’s something about the way coffee tastes when it’s enjoyed in the right coffee shop. When you walk into your favorite shop and you’re greeted by one of the smiling baristas who already knows what you’ll have (including that lemon bar you’ve been day-dreaming about), you turn to see that the comfiest spot is open and waiting for you, and one of your favorite songs just happened to start playing. Sounds magical, right?

Imagine what a coffee shop would be like if it didn’t have one or more of those elements. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, or behind the espresso bar, to make all of these factors happen.

One of our favorite parts about good coffee shops is the fact that every one of them has something special to offer that sets it apart from the rest. Whether it’s that special spot by the window, the barista that makes your latte just right, the secret ingredient in that lemon bar, or simply the feeling you get when you smell the freshly brewed coffee as you walk in, every shop is different.

Here are some examples of the top coffee shops around the world that are owning their unique factors and keep the regulars coming back for more:

  • Barista Parlor, Nashville, TN: known for their artisanal coffee paired with buttermilk biscuits topped with homemade peach jam or sausages from the butcher shop next door, all cleaned up with bandanas they offer as napkins. This spot is a community hub for locals and tourists alike as they collaborate with and support other local businesses and host a well-lit space for a diverse clientelle.
  • Good Coffee, Portland, Oregon: known for, well, their good coffee. You’ll be reminded about how great it really is as you’re walking in by the gorgeous black and white tiles spelling out “Good” to remind you of how good it really is. The clean and crisp design elements of all three of their shops in PDX make you want to stay and read a book to feel like you’re doing more good than just drinking quality coffee.
  • The Association, London, England: Known for the industrial interior lined with patterned table-tops and stylish, pin-legged furniture. Citrussy-sharp espresso from Square Mile that pairs well with their featured pastries, such as a Portuguese custard tart.

These spots are not made for a quick pick me up, but instead for the locals and passersby to come and enjoy the atmosphere with their craft coffee. What we’ve found through our coffee adventures is that quality coffee is simply enhanced by it’s surroundings, which makes every factor imperative to our return.

For this reason, we take pride in the fact that we have friendly baristas that greet you as you walk in, bright windows for the best study spots (and latte art instagram photoshoots), comfy couches and chairs for you to feel right at home, and of course, coffee that fuels your day and warms you heart.

Whether you’re in the Dallas area or find yourself passing through North Texas, we would love to have you visit our shop to show you what we mean. It is an important role for their to be community spaces, such as a local coffee shop for locals to connect, reflect, and relax in a special way that can’t be done elsewhere. This is why no matter where you live or travel to, a stop into your local shop does so much for everyone involved in the process.

This is why we got into the coffee shop business.  We have traveled all over and the one thing that remains true to us is the power off a good coffee shop.  It’s ability to not only fuel your day, but also to warm your heart and keep you coming back as a member of a family.  It’s hard to say how impactful the coffee shops we’ve been to around the country and world have been… well, enough to push us to start our own.

Come say hi, and always remember to #stayamazing

Thank you for being you,

Rosalind Coffee Team

Something else to perk you up: the best part of the Rosalind beans is how they can be brewed right in your home. If our relationships starts through one of our bags, then we would love to extend a warm and caffeinated welcome to our family.  Check out our free e-book on how to brew the best tasting cup of coffee possible from your home.